This article is here to help you use all of the available information in the tool to select the right person to contact and keep the conversation relevant.

If you haven't already, we recommend setting up Segments and a Tagging Process to capture, qualify and keep track of high value leads.

Once you have a group of qualified leads, it's time to use the company and visit information Snitcher provides to select a prospect (person) to contact and decide on the content of your messaging.

There's a couple ingredients to this recipe.

βœ… The visit location

βœ… Their interest / intent behavior

βœ… LinkedIn

πŸ₯£ Let's get cooking

Step 1 - jump onto LinkedIn using the prospect on LinkedIn button.

Step 2 - filter the employees at the company for the visit location. Keep in mind the visit location Snitcher supplies is more specific than the locations LinkedIn offers so you may need to check which region the visit location is within and use that on LinkedIn.

Step 3 - Look through the visit information in Snitcher. Which pages did the visitor spend the most time on? What was the source of the visit? E.g. a paid search term.

Step 4 - Using the visit information make a deduction as to the type of job role a person would have to consume that type of content. Hopefully you already have a clear picture of your buyer persona's and this step is a confirmation.

Step 5 - Filter the employees matching the visit location for the right job role or scroll through them and pick out one or more relevant people to contact.

Step 6 - Use the visit information to frame the reason for reaching out. For instance if the visitor spent the most time viewing 2 pages, it's probably best to use these topics within your call or email (no need to mention you saw them viewing your website).

Step 7 - If you have a tagging process in place, add your tag to the lead so they will be tracked within your personal segment and add the lead to your Watchlist to receive instant notifications on further visits.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Try including links to content on the website in your written communications, if you get a notification or see the lead came directly to the page you sent them, then you know you have the right person.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip 2: Keep an eye on new visits and the content your lead is engaging with so further emails or messages can be kept relevant based on what they spend the most time viewing on your website.

Don't forget to hit the phones and feel free to drop us a message when you book meetings, we really enjoy knowing our data helps!

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