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Configuring Buyer Personas
Configuring Buyer Personas

Automatically see people working at identified companies who are the most likely to purchase your solution or service.

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In this guide, we're going setup one of Snitcher's most powerful features. Buyer personas will help you find the right person to contact after a company has been identified. It's the most important step before starting the outbound process.

The icing on the cake? Snitcher also provides their email address.

Before We Begin πŸ“š

Ensure you've already completed the following:

βœ”οΈ Invited the sales team to Snitcher - 2 minutes

βœ”οΈ Setup Lead Scoring - 5 minutes

βœ”οΈ How to book meetings with leads - 5 minutes

Who is this suited for?

  • Sales managers

  • Account Executives

  • Sales Development Representatives

  • Sales Enablement

  • Anyone responsible for distributing leads

What will this do?

A buyer persona is a saved filter that highlights the right people at a company. It's going to save you time, suggest a relevant person on the dashboard, and increase the probability of sales working these leads. Think of it as your secret weapon to streamline your outreach and boost your sales game!

Step 1: Creating the buyer persona

You'll see the button to "Create Persona" on the main dashboard after clicking an identified company.

Alternatively, you can view / edit existing personas on the setting page - Buyer Personas

Step 2: Defining your typical buyer

Now it's time to define who you typically prospect. Click on "Create New Persona" and let's setup some filters.

Snitcher offers 4x filters to highlight the ideal person at a company.

  • Management Level

  • Department & Job Function

  • Country

  • State

You'll see some templates for your convenience. Although for best results, we suggest customising the filters specifically to who the sales team usually works with.

Option 1: Management Level

Initially your first reaction is probably to select a high management level that defines the decision maker. It's worth considering if management is actually the one doing research on your website, or if an entry level contributor is responsible for this.

We recommend considering deal size, company size, or even team size when working out who is responsible for researching your offering, and by extension who is most likely to be visiting your website.

πŸ’‘ It's better to start a conversation with an entry level employee, and work your way up - Instead of being ignored by a decision maker, because research is not their responsibility.

Option 2: Department & Job Function

This is the most powerful filter within the buyer personas, you'll be able to select entire departments or narrow down a specific function within a job title.

To get started, we generally recommend focusing on a department that you typically sell to. Starting broad allows you to work out if the contacts are categorised correctly within this filter, and you can then tighten the filters later on.

Here at Snitcher, we often sell to marketeers across several roles, so we want to see the entire department.

In the screenshot below you'll see Marketing is listed twice. That's because one is a "Job Function" and the other is the "Department". In order to cover the entire marketing department, it's best to select both options.

πŸ“š Snitcher has more than 150 million contacts in the database, if you can't find the right people within a department try testing a different one.

Option 3: Country & State

This filter will help you sort people based on their LinkedIn location. Unless you only contact people from within a specific country / state, it's likely not necessary to add this filter to a buyer persona. You can always add additional filters after selecting a buyer persona on the main dashboard.

Step 3: Bringing it all together

Now it's time to combine the filters to define your target personas. Like creating a filter on the main dashboard, you can leverage Snitchers "AND - OR" logic to create complex filter groups.

We recommend making a combination of "Management Level + Department & Job function".

In the example below, we covered most roles in the marketing department plus a mid management level. We also excluded any roles that we know is of no interest to the sales team with the "Is not one of" filter.

πŸ’‘ Did you know you can have multiple buyer personas? Feel free to create 2-3 personas to have very a specific filter group for each persona.

Bonus Step: Auto revealing Buyer Personas

Once you've refined the buyer personas and notice the right person is usually highlighted, there is the option to automatically reveal email addresses.

This won't just save time in the dashboard, revealed emails will also be added to a bulk company export.

To setup an auto reveal, head over to the Automations page. If you're not familiar with automations and how they work, check out this guide - How to use automations

Below is an example we use to automatically reveal marketing managers in our "High intent segment".

🚨 Be careful with this feature! If your segment or buyer persona is very broad, it's easy to burn through the 100 email credits we provide with any pricing tier.

As always, if you get stuck or have questions about how to best setup this feature, give us a shout through the live support! πŸ‘‹

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