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What is Snitcher
What is Snitcher

Snitcher helps B2B companies capture more quality leads and enriches analytics so you can close more deals with less budget.

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At its core, Snitcher is a website visitor identification solution that identifies the companies visiting a website along with supplying detailed source and visit behavior, all without requiring conversions.

How does website visitor identification work?

A tracking script is installed in the website to capture visitors IP addresses (follow these instructions to get it set up). The IP address is then run through our database, against proprietary market signals and matched to a company.

Making it possible to identify the companies visiting your website without needing visitors to convert or fill in their details on the website.

Snitcher captures and identifies companies using both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, proxies and people working from the office or remotely.

Once the company is identified, Snitcher enriches the lead with additional information such as company location, visit location, industry and employee count. Key contacts at the company are also supplied along with the profile.

Finally, the source of the visit such as an advertising campaign is included, along with the pages viewed and time spent on each page.

The platform offers powerful filtering options, lead scoring, management, integrations and automations to make effective use of the identifications to generate sales and power marketing.

Why is this done?

There are 2 primary user groups with a number of use cases.

  1. Marketing

    1. Using the information to assess the quality of the website traffic. Traditional analytics tools focus on volume with poor insights into the “people and companies behind the numbers”.

    2. Optimizing performance of organic and paid marketing strategies or tactics to decrease costs and improve efficiency.

    3. Re-targeting specific companies with more personalized ads based on behavior or company specific information leading to improved conversion rates and reduced budget spend.

    4. Website Personalization to provide audiences with better on-site experiences.

  2. Sales

    1. Discovering good fit companies visiting their website that display buying signals yet do not fill out their details.

    2. Updating team members when target companies visit the website with real-time notifications allowing them to engage with prospects using the right messaging in a timely manner.

    3. Reducing prospect list turnover through continued nurturing of prospects actively visiting their website but not replying or booking meetings.

    4. Reactivating old or lost deals that visit the website again.

    5. Sending good fit leads to CRM’s.

Is this legal?

Yes, company IP addresses are publicly available information and Snitcher does not identify individuals in accordance with GDPR requirements.

What do I need to get started?

Sign up for a free trial and follow the set up instructions to start identifying the companies visiting your website.

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