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How to configure Snitcher Looker Studio reports.
How to configure Snitcher Looker Studio reports.

Once you have received a template, it's time to add your own data and start finding insights. Here's how.

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If you haven't received a copy of the Looker Studio template, please drop us a message in the support chat. Before setting up this report, you must follow the steps in the Snitcher and GA4 Guide.

If you need some help interpreting the results to find insights, we are also happy to help.

🚨 When setting up these reports, please make sure your ad blocker is turned off

Step 1: Copy the Looker Studio Template

Step 2: Select a New Data Source

Step 3: Select Create data source

Step 4: Connect Google Analytics

Step 5: Select the account and profile connected to Snitcher and connect

Step 6: Add to report

Step 7: Copy report

Step 8: You might need to select the data source on the page drop down

As always, please feel free to drop in and say hello, share ideas, ask questions or share a virtual coffee. Team Snitcher signing off πŸ‘‹

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