Lead Scoring implementation

Automatically create groups of good fit leads matching your ideal customer profile. Or combine them with high intent behaviour.

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To get the most value from company identifications it's critical to configure Lead Scoring.

This step will save you loads of time by automatically Segmenting (grouping) leads that are a good fit for your business. Plus it's easy to configure automations to send these leads to your CRM or notify team members.

You can also combine good fit leads with high intent behavioural actions such as visiting pricing pages or spending more than 5 minutes on your website.

The result is less time spent searching for good fit leads and more time spent selling or retargeting them.

It's best to use Lead Scoring and not just Segments (or filters) because it's scalable and flexible. Meaning you won't need to repeatedly build long complex filter groups and you can easily combine different sets of filters.

This article will take you through the set up steps to implement basic Lead Scoring on companies matching your target company profile. For more use case and applications, check out the Lead Scoring deep dive.

Configure company industry and size filters

Select All Leads => Drop down filters => Select Company Industry

Input the industries that your customers are in and be sure to use OR. Then save and name your Smart Segment.

πŸ’‘ Snitcher industry filters match LinkedIn so if you are unsure what industries to select you can check out the industries your customers are listed under on LinkedIn. It's important to cover include related industries too just like the screenshot above.

Input the sizes (employee count) of the businesses you target and be sure to use OR. Then save and name your Smart Segment.

Trigger tags on companies matching your industry and size filters

πŸ‘‰ Go to Automations

πŸ‘‰ Select event as 'New Lead'

πŸ‘‰ Select the Segment you just created for the 'industry filters'

πŸ‘‰ Select the Tag option as the action

πŸ‘‰ Select or create the Tag you would like to fire e.g. 'Ideal Industry'

πŸ‘‰ Name the Automation e.g. 'Ideal Industry Tag Fire'

Save your Automation for industries.

🚨 Repeat steps 1 - 6 for 'Company Size Tag Fire' and save the Automation.

Create a Segment (group) of leads matching your industry and size tags

Save the Segment - we like to use "All ICP Leads".

Add a behaviour Segment

Decide what high intent behaviors you would like filter your good fit leads by.

Save the Segment e.g. ''High Intent"

πŸ’‘ When deciding what high intent behaviors you would like to us, it's always a good idea to talk with the sales team and marketing team. One idea could be to track form fills that were never completed.

Fire a 'High Intent' Tag

Be sure to select the Event as "New session'' because in this case we are triggering the tag off of visits that may come from existing or new leads.

Create a "High Intent ICP Leads'' Segment

πŸ’‘ You might like to configure different notifications on these leads as they have a much higher likelihood of converting when approached by sales. Or you can send them directly to the CRM to be worked.

As always, please feel free to drop us a message if you need a hand, have an idea you would like to discuss or just feel like saying hello πŸ₯³

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