Segments are here to help you organize your leads into different groups based on company attributes such as industry or size and behavior, for instance time on site or pages visited.

Segments can be used to create a list of all of the companies visiting your website that match your target audience or analyse the results of your latest advertising campaign.

To get started, head over to the “filters” button located under “all leads” and click it.

A drop-down menu will show you a variety of options that will help you create effective segments through the use of IF, AND, OR & is, is not statements.

For example, you’d like to make a segment that will help you filter out any and all leads related to the automotive industry: start by selecting the “IF” statement, then choose “Company Industry” from the drop-down menu thereafter, next up choose“is not” and, finally, select “Automotive” from the list of industries. 

When building more complex segments it's important to use the correct AND / OR logic in order to return the right results. This is done by making use of filter groups as seen below.

In this example the target group is Marketing and Advertising with between 11 and 200 employees that spent at least 30 seconds on the website. For the filtering to work AND is used to link Marketing and Advertising and 10-50 employees and 30 seconds. OR is then used to ad in the next filter group. Essentially every time you use the OR filter the chain logic is broken and as such you need to repeat the group to return results.

When you are happy with the filters and have double checked the logic, hit apply filters to see the results.

Once you are ready to save your newly created segment for future use; simply click on “Save as smart segment” and you’ll be able to repeatedly use this filter from the comfort of your dashboard. 

As always, please drop us a line to say hello, talk ideas or suggest improvements. Team Snitcher signing out 👋

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