When your company attracts a lot of traffic, it may be wise to start organizing your leads into different segments in order to preserve clearance throughout your dashboard. To do this, you’ll want to head over to the “filters” button located under “all leads” and click it.

A drop-down menu will show you all a variety of options that will help you create effective segments through the use of IF, AND, OR & is, is not statements. Say, for example, you’d like to make a segment that will help you filter out any and all leads related to the automotive industry: start by selecting the “IF” statement, you’ll want to choose “Company Industry” from the following drop-down menu thereafter, proceed by choosing “is not” and, finally, select “Automotive” from the list of industries. 

You can further flesh-out this segment by adding additional filters, you can use the AND & OR statements to achieve this end, which will become available after you’ve created your first filter.

Our service will give you the option to save your newly created segment for potential future use; simply click on “Save as smart segment” and you’ll be able to repeatedly use this filter from the comfort of your dashboard. 

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