At Snitcher, we are big users of Slack, so we built an integration and the results our sales team achieved with it have been better than we could ever have expected.

In this guide we will cover:

1️⃣ Sending new leads to Slack with Automation

2️⃣ Keeping individual team members updated on leads behavior

3️⃣ Sending high intent visits to Slack

4️⃣ Spotting new opportunities

5️⃣ Notifications on old or lost deals

If you haven't already, you will need to set up Lead Scoring and Management. Or use more traditional Segments if you haven't shifted over to the newer way of working yet.

Either way, you will need to know how to use Automations to get started.

Scoring leads with Snitcher

Managing leads

Using Segments

Using Automations

What do you need to get started?

1. To be qualified lead Segment + team Slack channel

2. Qualified but not assigned lead Segment + team Slack channel

3. Assigned and high intent actions lead Segment + individual Slack channel

4. Lost or old deal lead Segment + team or individual Slack channel

5. Non target company and high intent actions lead Segment + team Slack channel

Sending new leads to Slack manually

It's possible to send individual leads to Slack manually, using the send to Slack button on the lead profile.

Sending new leads to Slack with Automations

Let's kick things off with the leads that still need to be qualified. Please note, as with the rest this guide you will need to have Lead Scoring and Management set up for this to work effectively.

Step 1: create the relevant Slack channel e.g. "to qualify" or ''new ICP leads".

Step 2: Configure the automation to send new leads in the ''to qualify'' stage (segment) to the Slack channel you just created.

It's also worth creating a ''high priority to be qualified'' group (segment) in Snitcher to be used in combination with a slack channel. We do this for or most ideal leads that take super high intent actions on the website.

Along with the setting up the mechanics of getting leads through to Slack, our sales team has also created a process to mark each new lead as ✅ or ❌ once they have qualified or disqualified the lead in Snitcher.

Sending new visits to Slack

In some of the examples above, you might want to send a visit through to Slack from a lead that's already in a specific stage (group or segment). Such as from an individual contributors group in Snitcher to their personal channel so they can stay informed on high intent actions from known leads.

Step 1: create the Slack channel you would like to use.

Step 2: set up the automation to send new visits through.

And there you have it, high intent notifications on your leads.

We won't bore you by repeating the above steps for every different combination of leads and visits you would like to send through to Slack.

Our team has a channel for each lead group (stage or segment) in Snitcher and their own personal channels for the information they feel is important.

We've also created stages for old or lost deals in Snitcher and use these with team wide channels in Slack.

As always, feel free to drop us a message if you'd like to talk ideas, need some help or would just like to say hello. Team Snitcher signing off 👋

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