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What information can I find in my analytics?
What information can I find in my analytics?
Discover and dissect your leads data.
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Getting a comprehensive insight into the varying audiences and type of demographic that visits your website is crucial and essential information for any company. 

We have created a separate analytics page that will help you easily collect that data. On it, you’ll see graph that outlines your total B2B traffic dating back to any desired date, with time frames you’ll be able to adjust in the upper left corner of the page.

The four panels below the graph will give you insight into the total companies that have visited your website, the amount of B2B page views, how many of those visitors have navigated away from your site after viewing only one page signified as “bounce rate” and the total percentage of new and recurring visitors next to that, respectively.

In addition, our analytics page further outlines the varying categories of company industries that have visited your website as well as their respective corporate sizes and types of organization. On top of that, the page also allows you to obtain information about the countries of origin these companies are located in and which have visited your website most often, located in the “audience” section. 

An overview of the type of browser, devices and accompanying operating systems your audience have visited your website from can also be found directly under the aforementioned section. Lastly, you’ll be able to track the performance of your Snitcher campaigns in the “Acquisition” section as well as the sources of websites that have referred visitors to yours the most.

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