How to integrate Snitcher and HubSpot

Ready to send good fit leads to HubSpot with automation? Or would you like to filter on HubSpot properties in Snitcher?

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Getting Snitcher and HubSpot connected is an important step.

You can use automation to send new leads matching your ideal customer profile (and behaviour) to the CRM.

Plus you can also filter on HubSpot stages, statuses and owners within Snitcher to provide your sales team with notifications on e.g. behaviour of existing and lost deals.

This article will run through how to connect Snitcher with HubSpot (spoiler 🚨 it's a few clicks) and provide a quick overview of the functionality you will have at your fingertips.

If you would like to dive deep into use cases of combining Snitcher with Hubspot, check out our comprehensive guide - A Recipe for Success with Snitcher and HubSpot

How to connect HubSpot

To get started, navigate to the settings pages -> integrations -> HubSpot and follow the prompts. Or hit the button below.

With just a few clicks you can connect the platforms and get back to implementing.

πŸ’‘ You will need to be a HubSpot super admin or have the relevant permissions enabled to authenticate the integration.

What will this do?

The integration is a 2-way sync. This means you can send leads to HubSpot and see in Snitcher which companies are already in HubSpot πŸŽ‰

When a company is identified and already exists in the CRM, the sync happens and the tile πŸ‘‡ will be added to the company profile in Snitcher.

How is this done?

Everytime Snitcher makes an identification the system checks if the company exists within HubSpot and syncs the data.

Manually send leads to HubSpot

Click on any company profile in Snitcher that doesn't have a Synced icon next to the name (is not yet in HubSpot).

On the company profile you will see the option to "Send to Hubspot".

How to send leads to HubSpot with automation

To configure an automation that sends leads to HubSpot, you will first need to create a Segment in Snitcher.

πŸ’‘ We suggest following the guide to automatically filter for relevant leads to make sure you only send engaged good fit leads and avoid cluttering up your CRM.

Once you have a Segment configured, head over to the Automations page.

πŸ‘‰ Select event = 'New lead'

πŸ‘‰ Segment = you selection e.g. 'All ICP'

πŸ‘‰ Action = 'Send leads to HubSpot'

🚨 It's important to be strict with the Segment (filters) you use to send leads to HubSpot when using automation. Start with a conservative approach and rather sending through too dew leads until you are sure the filtering is set up correctly.

Snitcher created and synced companies in HubSpot

When you send a company from Snitcher to HubSpot (manually and with automation) the 12 company properties in the screenshot below will be created.

The properties will also be added to existing companies in HubSpot that are synced with a Snitcher identification.

The best news... every time a synced company visits your website, Snitcher will automatically update the properties. This means that you can use the properties in workflows and dynamic lists πŸŽ‰

To add the properties to the company sidebar in HubSpot, head over to Settings -> Objects -> Companies -> Record customization -> Customize the left sidebar

Select the Snitcher properties you would like visible on the company profile πŸ‘‡

How to filter on HubSpot attributes in Snitcher

Head over to filters and drop down the menu. With HubSpot connected you will see additional fields that you can filter on.

Here's an example of Segment you can use to send notifications to specific team members when their lost deals revisit the website.

As always, have fun and feel free to drop us a message if you feel like saying hello, have an idea or need a hand getting set up πŸ‘‹

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