Step 1: Invite your colleagues

Adding your colleagues to Snitcher is a great way to ensure that a high-value lead will never slip by unseen! That's why we recommend inviting all your relevant team members into Snitcher. Don't worry – unlimited team members is a feature included with all our plans 😄

👉 Invite your colleagues to use Snitcher

Step 2: Hide companies you're not interested in

Removing irrelevant companies from your results will help keep your inbox tidy and keep your team focused on the best leads. Better yet: any profile you remove from your results will not count toward your monthly quota and help reduce the cost of your subscription!

👉 Hide your own company

👉 Hide companies that are not of interest

Step 3: Tag your leads

Adding tags to your leads is a great way to keep things organized. We've already configured some commonly used tags to help you track Customers, Competitors, Prospects, Suppliers, and more.

👉 Tagging your leads

Step 4: Configure Smart Segments

Smart Segments are a great way to keep an eye on your most valuable leads. We recommend creating segments with filters to match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

👉 Configure smart segments

Step 5: Configure reporting

Change your digest email settings to stay up-to-date on all new identifications, configure automated segment reports to make sure detailed reporting is sent to the right people, or connect with Slack through Zapier for instant updates on high-value accounts.

👉 Get a digest email for all leads

👉 Configure Automated Segment Reports

Step 6: Add high-value companies to your watchlist

When you're working on a high-value account, it may be helpful to be notified immediately when they return to your website. Add leads to your watchlist to receive instant email notifications when they return or use Snitcher's Zapier app to receive alerts on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

👉 Add high-value companies to your watchlist

👉 Configure Slack alerts via Zapier

👉 Configure Microsoft Teams alerts via Zapier

Step 7: Does your company run Google Ads? Don't forget to enable campaign tracking inside Snitcher!

Snitcher automatically picks up on any campaign that uses UTM parameters in the destination URL. However, your Google Ads may require some additional configuration to append the UTM parameters to your destination URLs correctly:

👉 Configure your Google Ads tracking template

Step 8: Configure integrations

Easily connect Snitcher data with over 4,000+ apps such as your CRM, Business Intelligence tools, Slack, or many others using Snitcher's Zapier app:

👉 Connect with 4,000+ apps using Zapier

Our real-time identification API (Spotter) empowers you to create advanced integrations & personalized web experiences:

👉 Connect with Spotter – our real-time identification API

Programmatically manage your account & access historical identification data using our Dashboard API:

👉 Dashboard API (available upon request)

💡 TIP: Confirm that your timezone is configured correctly

Next steps

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