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How do I export Snitcher data?
How do I export Snitcher data?

Learn how to download and access leads in CSV, Excel or LinkedIn campaign ready formats.

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Tip: If you're looking to export data from Snitcher into another Tool, Platform or CRM system, please have a look at our Integrations instead. You might also want to check out the API (please get in touch with support for more details and your key).

Our platform allows you to export leads-data in a CSV, Excel and LinkedIn campaigns formats. If you would like to use the data for re-targeting on the Google Ads platform, check out our real-time Spotter API.

First up, select the time line for the leads you want to export.

Then select the Segment you wish to export.

When you're ready to run the export you can find the “Export” button next to the filters. Click on the format you would like and that's it, you're ready to rock and roll.

Enjoy using our data, wherever you need it.

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