Tip: If you're looking to export data from Snitcher into another Tool, Platform or CRM system, please have a look at our Integrations instead.

Our service allows for your leads-data to be extracted and exported into a .CSV-format for future use. When in the dashboard, you can find this feature located under the “Export” button. 

Note: The feature is only available in our "Sales" and "Complete" plans. If you don't see the "Export" button, you probably need to upgrade.

However, before you click this and prompt a download, you may want to specify what kind of data our service should collect for you. 

If you’d like to download an overview of collected leads that have visited your website over a period of a week for example, you can do so by selecting “Last 7 days” from the range menu in the upper left corner of your dashboard and clicking “Export” thereafter.

In addition, you can also opt to download your collected data from any of your segments located in your dashboard.

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