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How do I invite team members to use Snitcher?
How do I invite team members to use Snitcher?

How to add, remove, promote and demote team members.

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Adding team members to Snitcher is an important part of generating the most value from the platform. So you can fill sales pipelines and supercharge marketing programs.

Sales will be able to automatically find new high intent ideal companies and stay up to date with what their existing prospects behaviour to keep deals moving through their pipelines.

While marketers can analyse their efforts before conversions take place and improve re-targeting.

This is why we've included unlimited users as a feature in all our plans and recommend inviting all your relevant team members into Snitcher.
To get started, head over to your Team Settings located under Settings -> Team.

On this page, you can view your current team members, their account status and permissions or the date they last signed in. You can also perform the following actions:


πŸ’‘ If you have added more than one website profile to Snitcher, every website is considered a separate team. So please invite your team members to each website profile you would like to give them access.

Invite new team members

To invite a colleague to join your Snitcher team, click on the 'Invite new user' button in the top-right corner. This will open a window where you can input the email of the person you wish to invite:

You then have 3 options on how to add new users.

Option 1️⃣

Invite a single user.

Option 2️⃣

Invite multiple users.

Option 3️⃣

Bulk invite multiple users by importing a list of email addresses.

After entering the emails you wish to invite, click the 'Send invite' or 'Send bulk-invite' button.

πŸ’‘ Team members will receive a special invite link by email within 5 minutes (please remember to check spam folders if the invite doesn't arrive).

Promote or demote a team member's admin status.

Admin users have access to billing settings and the ability to promote, demote or remove team members.

To promote or demote a team member, head to the Team settings page again.

You can promote or demote a team members status.

If a user is already an admin, you will see a checkmark icon under the 'Admin' column. To demote the user to non-admin, click the 'Demote' text next to the checkmark icon.

πŸ’‘ You can only promote or demote team members if you have admin permissions. Newly invited users cannot be promoted until they've accepted their invite.

Remove a team member

You will need to go to the Team settings page.

From there, simply click on the 'trash can' icon next to the team member you would like to delete.

πŸ’‘ You can only remove other team members if you have admin permissions.

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